Beretta 92 FS

Berreta Model 92

This pistol was first made in 1976. It has a short-recoil system of operation instead of the blowback system of the Berreta's smaller designs.The reduced recoil allowed it to fire the more powerful 9mm Parabellum cartridge. The Model 92 was a single-action pistol witha double-action capability. About 5000 Berreta Model 92 pistols were produced. This model was highly successful and foreran many successful varients.


Manufacturer Pietro Berreta SpA.
Calibre 9mm Parabellum
Magazine 15 (10 civilian)
Action Short recoil/single and double
Total length 211mm/8.31in
Barrel length 119mm/4.69
Weight unloaded 915g/32.28oz

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