Bowie knife 1.0

bowie knife

The bowie knife is one of the most legendary knifes from the age of "cowboys and redskins." It was used by the pelthunters in the northen states as well as the caravas in the south.

Description of KnifeEdit

The blade is between 10 cm and 35 cm long and between 2cm  and 6 cm wide, and the handle is between 8 cm and 15 cm. The blade is most often made of steel, but can also be iron. The handle is made with wood, bones, ivory, metal or antlers.

The blade is mostly straight, with a small curve at the end, and is more full in the middle. Most of the time there is a cross guard, but this is not necessary. The hande is mostly straight, but curves slightly at the end.

Use of the KnifeEdit

The knife was used as a tool, as well as a weapon. It is heavy enough to chop small wood, sharp enough for crafting with leather, and small enough to stab between the ribs of a person. Some say there was a beach hunter who killed bears with nothing but a bowie knife.