The Chropi Rifle was a Battle Rifle built by Chropei (Greek: ΧΡΩΠΕΙ), a Greek chemicals company, which used the "Chropi" spelling on its weapons. It was designed by a team under Mr. Sotiris Sofianopoulos (apparently based on an original Greek-Cypriot design) and was proposed to the Greek Army in 1975. It was a simple and rather outdated design, clearly inferior to the Heckler & Koch G3, which was adopted (produced by the state-run EBO company). The rifle was rejected after a series of tests indicated that the weapon itself did not adhere to all of the desired standards. The company, nonetheless, had created all necessary infrastructure for its production and a small number (probably a few dozen) produced was delivered to the Greek state and ended up in Greek Army storage facilities.
300px-CHROPI Rifle

Chropi rifle without magazine.