The Desert Eagle, manufactured by Magnum Research Inc. and Israeli Weapons Industries, is a semi-automatic pistol known as the most powerful magazine-fed handgun to date, chambered in .50 Action Express.It is featured in countless movies, television shows, and video games.

History Edit

Design Edit

In January of 1983, Bernard C. White of Magnum Research and Arnolds Streinbergs of Riga Arms Institute filed a patent application for a gas-operated pistol. Two years later, a second patent was filed after Israeli Military Industries refined the design.

The Desert Eagle is fired by a single-action hammer, and features a manual safety. The safety is ambidextrous and rotates over a drum mechanism that locks the firing pin when initiated, preventing the gun from being fired.

What is unique about the Desert Eagle is that it uses a gas-operated mechanism, more commonly found on rifles than handguns. This enables the pistol to use rounds for more powerful than, say, a short-recoil or blowback mechanism.However, its size and bulkiness make it unsuited for concealed carry.

The pistol can quickly be converted into another caliber, requiring only a magazine and barrel change. There are several barrel length, and although a 10 inch (254 mm) barrel is available, the 6 inch (152 mm) barrel is most popular. The Mark XIX come with integral scope bases, making it easy to attach an optical scope to the handgun.