The Dual Cycle Rifle (DCR) was a 5.56x45mm NATO calibre revolver-type assault rifle that used a unique gas operation with a Webley-Fosbery-type grooved cylinder enabling 3-round bursts capable of firing 4,900 rounds per minute.[1]


The Dual Cycle Rifle used a mechanism that would fire from a single barrel a full-auto three round burst at approximately 4,900 rounds per minute, assisted by a revolver-type cylinder with 3 round chambers on half of its side. The rifle mechanism used a cam and follower mechanism. The cam path controlled the basic function of the rifle action to obtain the highest rate of fire with minimum operating rod velocities and provided the ability to fire the three-round bursts. The three rounds were loaded simultaneously into a chamber and the chamber indexed to fire out each round before extraction. This removed the need for a full stroke cartridge handling mechanism.


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