A flamethrower is a gun like weapon that spits out fire, usually from a internal gas source. Some flamethrowers can shoot fire more than 30 feet. It is possible to put something else in the flamethrower, like toxic gas. Before powerful guns were invented, the flamethrower was one of the best weapons. In war, people would use flamethrowers in cruel ways, like burning down cities or even catching people on fire! Before the modern flamethrower was made, people would simply put burning fuel into a tube, then let it flow out.

A man shooting a flamethrower.

How Flamethrowers Work Edit

Inside flamethrowers is a tank that usually has flammable liquid, or gas, in it. When the trigger on the flamethrower is pulled, the gas catches on fire, then is propelled through the nozzle. Flamethrowers usually are used for building and melting metal, rather than as a weapon.