The Horse Saber is a fictional weapon in the 2007 video game No More Heroes. It is an abstract beam katana which largely remains a mystery, not only because of its use by an assassin whose identity is completely unknown (Dark Star), but also because of its unique nature as a beam katana like no other. Like the D.O.S, the blade of the Horse Saber is activated when the handle is removed from its "scabbard," the crown of a bascinet, and using the wire and needled attachment on the grip of the hilt, its enormous, dragon-shaped "blade" is emitted. Unlike standard beam katanas which feature stationary blade projection, the blade of the Horse Saber waves in notions which imply it may contain a certain degree of artificial intelligence, as beam katanas have been known to make use of motherboards. Exactly how it is deactivated, however, is not certain. Though it's blade resembles a dragon, the Horse Saber takes its name from its hilt, shaped in the form of a stallion.

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