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A knife. The object behind it is called a Sheath, which is where the owner can store the knife safely.

The Knife, when stripped down to the most basic form, are sharpened strips of cutting edges or blades with and sometimes without a handle. An implement that can be used for short range, close-quarter combat. When used as a weapon, it is often used to keep opponents at a distance. There are several types of knives such as the chisel knife, and the chef's knife. For another type of knife, see Bowie knife. Below this explanation, see another type of knife called a Kris knife.

History Edit

Originally manufactured from rock, bone, flint, and obsidian, knives have evolved in construction as technology has, with blades being constructed out of bronze, copper, iron, steel, ceramics, and titanium. Knives are deadly in the hands of a skilled, experienced user, which made it popular for secondaries instead of nothing during war. Unlike most other combat weapons, knives are used as self-defensive weapons or as a last-stand weapon.

Knives have also been popularly used by assassins throughout the ages and the techniques to use them were forged throughout history. As such there are many types of knives, for example the Kris, an Indian dagger with a curved blades. These Kris were sometimes used in Indian legends such as the Taming Sri.

Legislation Edit

Knives are typically restricted by law, although restrictions vary greatly by country or state and type of knife. For example, some laws restrict carrying knives in public while other laws restrict private ownership of certain knives, such as switchblades.

Trivia Edit

  • When knives are plentiful, one can also use them for throwing at a range.
  • Knives were also varied in size, from long to short blade types.