A machete is a large, sword-like tool. Though it was created as a tool to cut through rainforest growth, it has also been used as a weapon. They are often seen in

A 18" long machete

uprisings, rebellions, and more. Machetes are also known as 'cutlasses' by some.

Details Edit

Machetes are long but light swords held in one hand, with a slight curve to the blade to easily cut down growth. The sharpness of the blade makes this sword a excelent weapon.

The tool/weapon is often mispronounced, the right way to say it is "Mah-cheh-tee".

'Machete' isn't the true word for the sword in English, it is really called machet.

In some countries, it is normal to see people carrying machetes, as they use them for their daily jobs. These countries include where many of the worlds crops come from.