The Molotov cocktail also referred to as flame bombs, flame tails, petrol bomb, benzine torch or molotov grenade is a incendiary weapon with origins from the 1936 Spanish civil war it is primarily used by irregular militia such as (rioters, guerrilla armies, and civil wars). Cheap and easy to make molotov cocktails are versatile and dangerous. Many variations have been added to the mixture since the first molotov was made variations include: motor oil (to help the fire stick to its intended target), ball bearings (to aid in splash damage), tar (also to help stick to targets), gunpowder (to add explosive effect upon impact), acid (to burn through fireproof materials) and many more. The molotov itself traditionally consisted of a rag or a match stick (wick), glass bottle (vessel) and a flammable liquid of some sort (gasoline, alcohol, Methanol or ethanol.) although very much illegal in many countries it is still used world wide as a go to weapon for rioters

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