A Rocket Propelled Grenade, or RPG for short, is a long weapon that fires grenades a long distance.  RPG's are equppied with a scope as they can be quite inaccurate, and the area where the user holds it is sometimes wrapped in heat-proof tape.  The warhead can fly at up to 295 meters per second.  They are a very common weapon in present wars, as they can cause a large explosion when they strike their target. The most commonly used RPG is the RPG-7.    

The RPG-7

Details Edit

  • The RPG  looks a little like a Spear, because of it's long shape and specail diamond-shaped grenades on the front. A trigger is used to launch the grenade.
  • They are very similar to grenade launchers.
  • The grenade at the top is called a warhead.
  • Because of it's power and abilities it has become the most common anti-tank weapon in the world. Many countries use the RPG, including the US, Iraq, China and more.
  • It was first manufactured in Russia