The Franchi SPAS (Special-Purpose Automatic Shotgun) 12 is a 12 gauge automatic shotgun designed for combat. It was expensive to manufacture but gained popularity for its reliability and is used by police forces and military the world over.

  • Date: 1978
  • Origin: Italy
  • Weight: 4.4 KG (9LB)
  • Barrel: 54.5CM (22IN)
  • Caliber: 12- BORE

The SPAS was originally intended for sport but to no avail and was soon banned from the US. It has a fast rate of fire and could be switched to pump-action when nessecary. Its could hold 8+ shells and was eventually succeeded by the SPAS 15 varient. However the SPAS 12 is still one of the most succesful and popular shotguns for government and civilian use.

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